Scanfisher 300/320 - Design

The Scanfisher Concept is designed and developed by Acer Design in Bogense, Denmark.

The idea is to bring a high quality sailing boat on the market, where safety, performance and comfort are the key words.

Luxury: being at sea, the fresh air, enjoying fishing and diving, perhaps with a friend or two... and a boat that offers everything you dreamed of.

With Scanfisher we have done our very best to bring you the original feeling of being on a boat. All the maritime details are in solid teak reflecting traditional design, famous for stability and quality.

Scanfisher is a real boat, not to compare to the fast sailing "gasoline-eating" powerboats, with interiors that reminds one of a a "mobile-home". Scanfisher is fitted out with orginal maritime details in solid teak and a batch - produced heavy duty hull, total netweight of 6500 kg, to bring you safe through all the adventures.

All design rights : Acer Design, Bogense.DK



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